Sewing Circle

The first Sewing Circle takes place on the 13th January 2010. Its members are united by the act of sewing where ever in the world they may be.
If we are successful there will be more sewing themes and dates.
If it goes very well there will be an exhibition. And perhaps a book.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sewing at the pub in Bournemouth

Below: Katherine, Bournemouth
Embroidery, applique, watercolour and pencil
A self portrait. And you can see what I have been thinking of in my hair!

Norway gets sewing!

A big thank you to Siri Ronning and her grandmother Ebba Ronning for making their sew-a-longs happen!

And I think these Ladies know how to do a sewing circle in style - look at that food! YUM!

Great stuff!

Carol Chaos, Ipswich, UK used the time to finish a project and although not strictly within the rules it is definiely within the spirit of the Sewing Circle!

"I had knitted the bits of a bag & had machined felted all the parts, so the sewing circle day was a brilliant incentive to get me motivated into sewing the bag up and completing it. I am really pleased with how it turned out... I am now planning to sell it on a craft stall I will be running in March - ALL the money from the sale of my items will be going to charity, so the bag will hopefully be snapped up!"

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Well, here are all of the submissions I have
received back so far. Each of them unique
like the person that stitched them.

Initially I set a deadline of the 30th of January
but with a quite a few of you still sewing away
I'm going to extend the deadline to March 7th
(at the latest) so we can start thinking about
the next event. And, if you have any ideas for
our next event I'd be happy to hear them.

So a big thank you to all of you that have sent
me images and lovely emails so far and keep
sewing if you haven't finished yet.

Katherine X


Abigail Thomas "Cell"
Made at home in her flat. Homerton, East London
between 8.30pm and 9.40pm on the 13th January 2010.

She says Cell is "an experimental piece of textile which
combines a painted canvas surface with machine and
hand embroidery and handmade felt".

Haruna, Japan.
You can see more of her stuff here.

Chantilly says:
"This is just one piece of a greater project that I'm working on. I'm going
to create a quilt that features quotes from my favourite movies. Each block
will have it's own quilt. The quilt will be made almost entirely from
recycled/thrifted materials".

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Samanta, Brazil

You can read about her sewing day on her blog.
She was very brave and took her sewing into the office.
I'm impressed!