Sewing Circle

The first Sewing Circle takes place on the 13th January 2010. Its members are united by the act of sewing where ever in the world they may be.
If we are successful there will be more sewing themes and dates.
If it goes very well there will be an exhibition. And perhaps a book.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

The end is near

I am waiting for a few extra goodies to come in before we can get started on the next part! I am working out some ideas to make the next Sewing Circle a little bit more interesting... if you have any extra ideas i'd be happy to hear them!

Thank you for all your hard work


More Trees in Winter

Vincent Valiente met up with at Anita who also took
part in the Sewing Circle in Berlin, Germany.
They worked from 7pm til 11pm.
The piece is called More trees in winter. He says:
"I was thinking of green politics".

You can check out more of Vince's amazing work
on his blog.

Vince also submitted his entry to the
Hand Embroidery Network's online exhibition.

And, he has recently won a prize from the German
Embroidery Guild for his work! Congratulations!

Anna-Marya Tompa

"memory quilt"

Timothy Smart
"naked and playing the banjo"